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The Airport Operator Stock Index as of 30 October 2020

Created by Airport Insights, the Airport Operator Stock Index is a customized market capitalization-weighted stock market index that tracks the performance of 26 airport operators listed in stock exchanges all over the world.

It tracks the total market capitalization of this group of airport operators on a weekly basis, with the 31 July 2020 being the base date and containing a value of 100 derived from the weighted average market capitalization as of the base date.

Over the past week, the Index moved down by 7.0 points to settle at 103.1 points at the close of 30 Oct 2020. Compared to the start of the Index on 31 July 2020, the Index has increased by 3.1 points.

All of the airport operators saw negative growth in their market capitalization in the week ending on 30 Oct 2020 .

Corporacion America Airports saw the biggest decline in market capitalization by -20.7% over the week ending on 30 Oct 2020.

Analyzing the growth in market capitalization from the start of the Airport Operator Stock Index on 31 July 2020 , Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico's stocks showed the highest growth in its market capitalization at 24.0%.

Highlights of the week ending on 30 Oct 2020:

Aena announced that it posted a net loss of EUR 107.6 mil in the first nine months compared with a EUR 1.1 bil net profit in the same period last year as COVID-19 travel restrictions gutted air traffic.

Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico reported its consolidated results for the third quarter ended 30 Sept 2020 .

While the effects of the pandemic resulted in a significant decline in 3Q20 results, the company generated a positive EBITDA.

During 3Q20, the company generated a positive cash flow in operating activities, even though significantly lower than the figures for 3Q19. The company reported a solid financial position for the close of 3Q20, cash and cash equivalents on 30 Sept 2020 reached MXN 15.2 bil.

The government of Japan announced that it would provide support to airports and airlines. This support would include the financing of airport operators and giving airlines a moratorium, or delay in payment, on airport fees with the aim of strengthening their business base.

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