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The Airport Operator Stock Index as of 14 August 2020

Created by Airport Insights, the Airport Operator Stock Index is a customized market capitalization-weighted stock market index that tracks the performance of 25 airport operators listed in stock exchanges all over the world.

It tracks the total market capitalization of this group of airport operators on a weekly basis, with the 31 July 2020 being the base date and the index having containing a value of 100 derived from the weighted average market capitalization as of the base date.

Over the past week, the Index moved up 6.3 points to reach 107.9 points at the close of 14 August 2020. Compared to the start of the Index on 31 July 2020, the Index has increased by 7.9 points.

The positive performance of the Airport Operator Stock Index has largely been driven by the performance of a couple of airport operator stocks as shown in the tables below.

The best performers among the airport operators listed in the Airport Operators Stock Index over the week included the three Mexican airport operators, Shanghai International Airport , as well as Japan AIrport Terminal Company which saw a growth in their market capitalizations at double-digit rates.

Analyzing the growth in market capitalization over the past two weeks from the start of the Airport Operator Stock Index on 31 July 2020, the Mexican airports operators also showed the highest growth in their market capitalization, followed by Shanghai International Airport .

Highlights of the week ending on 14 Aug 2020:

- Aéroports de Paris announced its earnings for H1 2020 on 11 August 2020. The Group reported that during H1 2020, it faced a decline of the group traffic (-57.5%) linked to the CoVid-19 epidemic and the closure of borders in France and abroad since March 2020.

The Group made a operating loss (EBIT) of EUR 611 mil (US$723.4 mil) and a net loss of EUR 732 mil (US$866 mil) for the period.

- Airports Corporation of Vietnam (ACV) was appointed as the developer of a third passenger terminal worth roughly VND 11 tril (US$473 mil) at Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh City.

- Airports of Thailand reported a 27.2% decline in operating income (EBIT) to THB 12.7 bil (US$409 mil) and a 21.7% decline in net profit to THB 11.0 bil (US$354.0 mil).

- Københavns Lufthavne (Copenhagen Airports) reported that only 565,910 passengers travelled through Copenhagen Airport in July 2020, 81.8% fewer than in July of last year.

- Fraport announced its financial results for H1 2020. In H1 2020, the airports in the Fraport group handled 41.2 mil passengers, 83.4% less than the number of passengers handled in H1 2019.

The Group announced an operating loss of EUR 210.2 mil (US$248.3 mil), compared with an operating profit of EUR 279.1 mil (US$330 mil) in H1 2019.

For H1 2020, a net loss of EUR 231.4 mil (US$273.7 mil) was made, compared with a net profit of EUR 164.9 mil (US$195.01 mil) in H1 2019.

- Grupo Aeroportuario del Sureste announced total passenger traffic for July 2020. On a year-on-year basis, passenger traffic decreased 74.7% in Mexico, 62.4% in Puerto Rico and 99.8% in Colombia.

- Sydney Airport Corporation launched a AUD 2 bil (US$1.4 bil) equity raising after reporting a AUD 53.6 mil (US$ 53.6 mil) loss after income tax for the six months to June 30.

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